What are your top three health priorities for the future?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 14 October to 28 October 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.

We are keen to understand what's important to our community for the future of health services in the Barossa and surrounding areas.

What are your top three health priorities for the future?

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Fiona Murray

28 Oct 2019

A new 'Hospital' for 20000 people increasing to 25000 ish over the next decade is really not practical.
A health hub that focuses on a wellness and re-ablement model and reflects the services such as -Step down care to facilitate discharge from metro hospitals and bring people closer to home, comprehensive Allied Health and community services to avoid the need for hospital admissions and comprehensive chronic disease management incorporating a A first response paramedic ambulance station/ heli pad so that you can keep Keep seriously ill people stable until they can be transported to a facility such as Gawler or Lyell McEwen that already have all the support services in place like imaging, pathology and a greater body of staff that are more likely to have current practice. is a better model.

Staffing a hospital to acute hospital levels and having staff that have a currency of practice to meet safe international operating standards is going to be unsustainable for such a small population.
It needs to be acknowledge that as a minimum Angaston and Tanunda need to close and I would suggest that in order to make it viable Mount Pleasant Kapunda Eudunda and Gumeracha all should be considered in the mix to have a strategic health plan for the area.
This could be an opportunity to do something radical and amazing if new models of care and a wellness focus was adopted similar to areas in NZ and other places in the world could be something amazing.
see link to MJA article https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2013/199/5/framework-support-team-based-models-primary-care-within-australian-health-care.
Building a new doctor centric hospital will just give you a new building with outdated and poor levels of care in a new skin and will be unsustainable

Cathy Troup

26 Oct 2019

1. A Innovative Community Based Public Hospital. Purpose built to cater for the varied needs in rural health including
-Emergency Dept, Imaging, Allied Health etc
-Community Medical Hub (eg Midwifery Based Care, Pre and Post Natal and Women's Care also Mental Health facilities) Free public service (accessible to all and especially vulnerable)
-Community based Hub feel, retaining our unique Barossa connection, personal and individual care model already existing. Not big city, rural personal and professional.
-Surgical Facilities
-Mental (Rural) Health Facilities and professionals
-Geriatric Specialization
-Cancer Treatment for rural areas
-24 hour pharmacy
-Access to Highway for easy transport to city

2. Community Based Rural Midwifery and Women's Health Care Model
-A low risk Birthing unit (midwifery based) attracting and maintaining midwives with an innovative rural programme
-In Home Community Midwifery visitation and support
-Shared Care with Doctors
-Allied Health and Volunteer Organisation Hub for women and family support (Domestic Violence, Breastfeeding Support, Post Natal Depression etc etc)

3. Professional and Innovative Rural Medical Training Center
-Sustainable and attractive to professionals, ensuring professionals are retained and attracted to area
-Job opportunities for Barossa School leavers in the Medical profession and Allied Health
-Retention of younger population in area, incentive to stay
-Utilization of new Barossa Campus initiative, collaboration with Universities and Rural Students via new Hospital and Medical Facilities
-Hub for training in other rural areas (Yorkes, Riverland) even Aboriginal initiatives and training.
-Unique opportunity to explore new models of Rural Health and Training

Aiming high!!

Rosalind Kidd

19 Oct 2019

1 ) A purpose built hospital with full-time medical, nursing, allied health, imaging and pathology services. Outpatient services should have dedicated Ambulatory Care Service to reduce or eliminate bed stay.
2) Out of hours GP service co located at the hospital with access to imaging and pathology services.
3) The closure of all "emergency services" at peripheral hospital that do not have medical officers, imaging or pathology services on site. It may well be cost effective to close village hospitals altogether. An expansion of ambulance services would be required

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Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network Engagement Team > Rosalind Kidd

23 Oct 2019

Thank you for your considered input Rosalind.

Felicity Hage

16 Oct 2019

1/ Access to face to face specialist services - medical, surgical, gerontology, psychiatry.
2/ Lack of 24 hour home nursing service, especially important for palliative care.
3/ Improved subsidised transport. Rural travel is so much more expensive to get to services.
4/ Bring back community centres.

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Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network Engagement Team > Felicity Hage

18 Oct 2019

Thanks for your input Felicity. Great to kick off the discussion.