What do you think of the proposed changes to the way unclaimed money is administered in South Australia?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 16 December 2020 to 22 January 2021. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.


These changes will help us develop an improved claiming process.

This will provide enhanced online claiming functionality, including greater searchability, designed to make it easier for people to locate and claim their money.

Read the proposed Unclaimed Moneys Bill 2020 and the summary of the proposed changes and have your say by commenting below.

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Tom Hughes

21 Jan 2021

I Believe that Australians should be Informed appropriately , on the Amount of unclaimed money being held. I also think it to be to expensive to , Lodge A Form , the proposed $50. Unclaimed money which is Not claimed , should be spread amongst the Pension Community , who after All the Years most of these Australians have Devoted their Lives into , working , Raising Families and putting Time and money back into the community.

Carlton Brown

19 Jan 2021

I understand the need to update the requirements, however, there should be an upper limit set for these new proposals as well as a lower limit. For amount exceeding the new upper limit, (let’s say $1000), the current rules should still apply.

Robbie Albrighton

19 Jan 2021

I think one idea for unclaimed moneys would be to help people like ourselves who help people in the community with Domestic Violence, relationship and personal counselling and with money and goods. We do this as trained but financially unsupported ministry. We have applied for government help but don't qualify, but we still help people with our gifts and training, a little help with some unclaimed money would mean we can do a lot more.

Debbie Whittam > Robbie Albrighton

19 Jan 2021

I agree with this, my partner had unclaimed money of below $15 and thought it a waste of an effort to go through the process, he would have been more than happy to donate the money to a worthwhile cause. I am of the opinion that there he probably isn't the only one with that mindset.

Laura Pieraccini

29 Dec 2020

How do we check if we have lost money when we worked on various part time jobs years ago? It is NOT clear how to proceed once the gazette advertising is eliminated.

Carlton Brown > Laura Pieraccini

19 Jan 2021

All you need to do is enter the persons name here; https://www.treasury.sa.gov.au/Our-services/unclaimed-money/search-for-unclaimed-money