What do you feel is missing or would improve the Landscape Plan?

We want your feedback about the draft Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Plan (draft Plan) which sets the vision and priorities for the region to achieve sustainable landscape management.

The draft Plan, and Supporting documents, focus on the region’s key landscape requirements and the programs that will be delivered across all priority areas of:

  • land
  • water
  • nature
  • climate
  • community

When providing your feedback, be specific about the elements or themes you support most. Eg. the Vision, the overall breadth of the plan or particular Focus Areas or Strategies.

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Jane Power

10 Apr 2021

There were a lot of motherhood statements that say the right thing but to be honest not much in the way of detail although I do note that you use existing projects by way of example and I’m sure there are many more not mentioned.

The Fleurieu is biodiversity hotspot but I didn’t really see any prioritisation of flora and fauna. We are in a planet wide emergency for species loss and climate change but i didn’t really get the urgency and what you’re planning to do about it.
We need to put the idea of Rewilding on the table, buying back unusable or unsustainable farming land for the purpose of building more habitat corridors, and nurturing the wild places we have left with First Nations help.

Do we provision for wildlife habitat and corridors in all new subdivisions?
Are subdivisions that were planned and titled more than 30 + years ago and not yet built on get another look with a 21st century lens, or do we just allow developers to do what they want ?
Is there always provision made in new developments for safe walking and cycling paths to minimise vehicles use, and do older more established areas get rezoned for more public recreation and mobility ?
Also, should new development on the coastal strip and near waterways be allowed given future potential insurance and flooding problems.

Richard Olesinski

08 Apr 2021

On first reading, suggest that issues associated with the marine and coastal environment are extremely light on.
As with past NRM plans, the area gets left out!

Lorraine Rogers

04 Apr 2021

Trees! I fail to see the benefit of cutting down heritage trees of several hundred years because they are at this time, in the 'wrong' place. All development must incorporate these trees, not destroy them.