What are your thoughts on the draft Inquiries Bill for South Australia?

We are seeking your feedback on the draft Inquiries Bill. Your views will help ensure the new inquiry system framework for South Australia is robust and flexible when dealing with a range of important and highly complex issues.

We have prepared a number of resources to inform your feedback.

Let us know what you think about the draft Inquiries Bill by commenting below.

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James Fuller

08 Apr 2021

What protections for witnesses will be applied? Is the sealing of documents at the request of the witness similar to the of the Commonwealth Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse or would it allow information which could be perceived to be embarrassing to the government but in the public interest to be hidden? If so how will this be decided?

The last point I assume is a reaction to the MDB royal commission, the statement that it will be to the full extent of state powers given the high court action did not proceed how is this decided ?

Lesley Flora

08 Mar 2021

'enabling a Royal Commission and a Commission of Inquiry to make sealing orders, prohibiting access to sensitive material' .................
I OBJECT TO SEALING ORDERS, ABOUT TIME OUR DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT WERE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THE JOB THAT THEY DO SO INEPTLY, I'm appalled and disgusted by their lies and cover-ups, AND WE DEMAND COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY from our scratch my back politicians, the jobs for their mates politicians, the lack of tender process, their sell us off and sell us out actions, especially to overseas interests, pfffft, and the squandering of taxpayers' money, to no hiding anything ESPECIALLY sensitive information. They want to keep more hidden? Doesn't surprise me at all, I object, they have no ethics, no backbone and cannot be trusted

'removing the power to punish for contempt – an exercise of judicial power – from a Royal Commission to the Supreme Court'.
SINCE WHEN HAS ANY POLLIE BEEN PUNISHED FOR CONTEMPT? They are a law unto themselves, personally I think they should all be in gaol for their rorts and outright lies, their so-called promises that were not core promises and all the lies, deception and misleading information, cause that's what it is, they speak with forked tongues, unless they make things tougher on themselves and are held to account, then nothing they want passed should pass. The commissions should have the power to punish for contempt, the courts are busy enough.

Can we sack the lot of them .....

Government Agency

AGD Strategic Communications > Lesley Flora

09 Mar 2021

Thanks for contributing to the discussion Lesley.

Sandra Brown

08 Mar 2021

Prior to reading all the documentation to assess any opportunity I seek to know firstly. Are the terms of reference set by a party, the only options of seeking to know what how why where and if, to find the glitch in what the cause was; to remediate? Noting that party may/could be perceived to have a conflict in actual discovery, thereby if this is the case there will be no actual trouble shooting to resolve, just a feather duster approach to appease the crowd, in my view. That's a total waste of tax payer funds, in my view and leaves the issue to repeat; same time next year scenario. A response will determine my actual input.

Government Agency

AGD Strategic Communications > Sandra Brown

11 Mar 2021

Thanks for your query Sandra. The terms of reference for an inquiry are drafted by the Government of the day but are informed by the public interest issue that is the subject of the inquiry. The terms of reference may be amended at any time by the Government. Further, prior to publication or amendment of the terms of reference, the Government may consult with the person or persons appointed to conduct the inquiry which may affect their final form. This reflects the current legislation and is a consistent practice for constituting and conducting inquiries in all jurisdictions.