How can we improve the draft CEIH Strategy 2020-2023?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 10 June to 3 July 2020. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.


We want your help to improve our strategy to allow us to seek new perspectives and solutions to challenges, and partner with clinicians, consumers, colleagues and other collaborators to turn innovative ideas into better healthcare. 

Read the draft strategy and the snapshot and provide your comment below.

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Clive Pay

17 Jun 2020

The State has done well in managing the Covid crisis but I feel that a critical component has been ignored. The community should have been encouraged to boost their own immune systems. The response has been entirely medical. The community could do a lot to defend themselves by strengthening their immune systems e.g.: Stop smoking, eat healthy foods/less junk food, make sure your gut is working properly as it is central to immune system effectiveness. I am sure there are many other ways to help but just doing these would make a big difference. As a community we could significantly reduce the load on our medical personnel as well as the cost. Remember too that, when a vaccine is developed, it will not work if we do not have a healthy immune system to create the antibodies. The Government could easily provide guidelines on how to do this at quite low cost. It would almost certainly reduce the impact of Covis on the community as well as the cost of dealing with it. A bonus would be a general improvement of ongoing community health as well as a 'second wave', should it occur, less likely to affect the community and our economic situation.

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CEIH Team > Clive Pay

19 Jun 2020

Hi Clive,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our friends at Wellbeing SA are the lead agency for preventative and population health. They have recently been part of a cross-government taskforce that has developed a Statewide Wellbeing Strategy. The strategy is available on the Open Your World website

Diane Campbell > Clive Pay

30 Jun 2020

Keeping healthy is part of one's life and extremely important. Too important to be competing with care of the sick which is a different area . The ancients had this right - Hygeia and Panacea have different responsibilities and should have different ministers and funding!! Idiot health economists have preached for years that the HEALTH service 'saves money' by investing in health not sickness. Wrong. It increases our years of healthy life, and economic and social good, and is a good investment because we live, work and pay taxes longer - but we all die sometimes and the cost of the care we receive then continues to increase. So great investment but NOT something that should be paid for by cuts to the hospital system!

Geoffrey Bloor

10 Jun 2020

Overall the draft strategy is good. My only comment is in terms of priorities. Projects should aim to cut across current silos. Covid-19 has taught us that public health, community health, general practice and hospitals must work together. Other major silos such as medicine, surgery, psychiatry must also be challenged to work together on issues that cross boundaries.

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CEIH Team > Geoffrey Bloor

18 Jun 2020

Hi Geoffrey,

Thank you for your response which is in line with the aims of The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health – our goal is to bring people and services from across South Australia together to work on improving care. If you have the time, we’d welcome your further input into how this could be better reflected in the Strategy by completing the survey at the following link:
CEIH Strategy 2020-2023 Survey

Stuart Drummond

10 Jun 2020

Who is 'we'?
Have "we" never heard of transforming health?
Have "we" never heard of EPAS, sorry Sunrise.
I think it may be time to stop paying "we" for "new perspectives" and "ideas" and spend the money on staff and people who can actually fix the system, not keep changing it.

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CEIH Team > Stuart Drummond

18 Jun 2020

Hi Stuart

Thank you for taking the time to comment. In this instance, ‘we’ are The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health which has been set up to work with South Australian clinicians and services to improve care. If you would like to provide further comment on how this could be better reflected in the Strategy you can do so by completing the survey at the following link:
CEIH Strategy 2020-2023 Survey

Diane Campbell > Stuart Drummond

30 Jun 2020

Well said. Most 'innovations' I see are simply an attempt to cover inadequacies. And the "no blame" is nonsense. Posters all over the place to "remind" staff to wash their hands, demands for online 'learning' "how and when to wash hands" - all look at blaming staff. But when I trained, patients were likely to be seen in a room with a sink and soap, not one room with 8 patients and one sink if you are lucky! This sort of infrastructure is not expensive - the DOH does not listen to the workers.

Steve Howells

10 Jun 2020

Get the basics right. If you can’t do that you are wasting your time. My wife was so traumatised by her stay in RAH in 2018 that she refused to go back. She had further problems and went to QEH and they were brilliant.
Had her stoma reversed privately and all plain sailing. That should be the standard for the public system.Get rid of SA Health and start again because there seem to be so many recurring problems.

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CEIH Team > Steve Howells

18 Jun 2020

Hi Steve

We appreciate the feedback and for taking the time to communicate your concerns. We are sorry to hear that your wife had a traumatic experience at the RAH. The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health aims to help the South Australian health system to provide excellent care no matter where that care takes place.