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Provide your feedback on proposed laws governing the sharing of data between South Australian Government agencies and other jurisdictions.

What is being decided?

In August this year, the Government introduced into Parliament the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Bill 2016 (PDF, 275KB), which aims to set out clear principles regarding the sharing of Government Data between different agencies. The Bill sets out clear Trusted Access Principles that govern the provision of information – including whether there is an overriding public interest in sharing the data – to ensure agencies share data in a responsible manner. The Bill’s objectives are to promote management and use of data as a public resource to support good government policy making and service delivery.

The legislative changes aim to break down the artificial walls that prevent the sharing of information. The changes are in line with recommendations from Royal Commissioner Margaret Nyland, and will extend the reach of data sharing by enabling the Government to work with the Commonwealth, other states or territories, local councils and the non-Government sector.

The Bill – including the proposed amendments highlighted in yellow – is available here (PDF, 275KB).

The proposals address concerns raised by the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, which said: “A consistent theme in evidence before the Commission was that, in spite of the ISGs (Information Sharing Guidelines), many agencies fail to share information.”

In addition, the amendments seek to establish a new data analytics office to co-ordinate data storage, sharing and analysis.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback will be taken into account in the finalisation of the amendments to be put to Parliament.

You can provide your feedback by:

  • Posting in the online discussion board.
  • Emailing your submission to
  • Mailing your submission to: Nyland Royal Commission Response Unit, Attorney-General’s Department, GPO Box 464, Adelaide SA, 5000.

Feedback will be accepted until 5:00pm Friday, 2 September. The Bill will be publicly available when it is tabled in Parliament.

Want to know more?

  • You can contact Attorney-General's Department of South Australia via email or call 8207 1771.
  • Follow the conversation on Twitter via @SA_AGD.

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