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We’re looking for the best ideas to build the collaborative economy in South Australia.

The collaborative economy is changing the way we live work, shop, bank and recreate. Companies such as Airbnb and Airtasker have become global leaders in the collaborative economy - find out about these companies and other initiatives here. This Challenge is about fostering what might come next.

What is the Challenge all about?

We're asking people to identify and repurpose the assets in our society that are wasted, despite their ability to make economic and social impact. We want to seed South Australian-based enterprises and intiatives that create value from these wasted assets or resources.

South Australia wants to become the home of the next generation of collaborative economy enterprises and this Challenge is a search for the latest ideas.

Share: A Collaborative Economy Challenge will identify, foster and develop proposals for new commercial and social enterprises in South Australia and support the establishment of sharing economy platforms that strengthen connection between citizens.

We are also looking for ideas that improve utilisation of Government assets and support the development of new models of public service delivery. This will include proposals that utilise latent capacity in Government resources to deliver greater public value e.g. can Government-owned vehicles be managed differently to reduce transport disadvantage and lower carbon emissions in South Australia?

The timeline above shows the different phases of Share: A Collaborative Economy Challenge.

Research Phase

The research phase of the Collaborative Economy Innovation Challenge will involve people from business, government, universities and the community in a co-design process to refine the scope and determine the Challenge themes. You can influence this process by answering the question on our discussion page.

Register here to keep updated on the roll-out of the different phases of the Challenge: bettertogether@sa.gov.au

What should the Challenge look like?

South Australia wants to become the home of the next generation of collaborative economy enterprises. South Australia’s Collaborative Economy Innovation Challenge is a search for the latest ideas and we want you to inform how we conduct that search.

You can influence the design of the Challenge by answering the discussion question:

  • What are the key issues we need to consider to build South Australia’s collaborative economy?

Want to know more?

Register your interest by subscribing or sending in your questions via bettertogether@sa.gov.au.

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