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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 22 December 2020 to 17 February 2021. Below is a record of the engagement.


Help us establish a whole of community and whole of government approach to suicide prevention in South Australia.

Let us know your thoughts around the draft Suicide Prevention Bill 2020.

What’s being decided?

Many South Australians have been affected by suicide and the consequences can be devastating, complex and long-lasting for families and communities.

The purpose of the draft Suicide Prevention Bill 2020 is to have a legislative mechanism that aims to reduce the incidence of deaths by suicide and suicide attempt in this state.

Under the proposed Bill:

  • A Suicide Prevention Council will be established to:
    • oversee suicide prevention and postvention (activities and programs to support people bereaved by suicide)
    • develop and implement the next State Suicide Prevention Plan.
  • Certain State government agencies will be required to develop their own agency suicide prevention plan. The plan will outline measures to prevent suicide by members of the community to which the agency provides services, as well as the agency’s employees.
  • There will be capacity to declare a specified method or means by which people may take their own life to be a controlled lethal means. Following a declaration, a recommendation can be made about modifying the means or method to prevent future suicides.
  • An Australian Suicide Register will be established, which will provide more timely information that will assist in a targeted approach to suicide prevention initiatives.

The Discussion Paper explains in further detail what the proposed Bill will do and how it aims to reduce suicide incidence in SA.

The Suicide Prevention Bill - questions to consider provide a brief description of each section of the Bill and some questions to guide your feedback.

Get involved

Read the draft Suicide Prevention Bill 2020, the Discussion Paper  and the questions to consider and have your say by:

Department for Health and Wellbeing
Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

Level 8 – Citi Centre
Re: Draft Suicide Prevention Bill
PO BOX 287
Rundle Mall SA 5000

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback will influence what the final version of the Suicide Prevention Bill 2020 will look like.

What are the next steps?

The final Bill is planned to be introduced in the South Australian Parliament early in 2021. It will be published on this and the SA Health websites.

Contact details

For general inquiries:

Closing date: 5pm, Wednesday 17 February, 2021

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