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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 22 December 2020 to 17 February 2021. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of the engagement.


Suicide is a matter of significant community and public health concern. It is the leading cause of death for South Australians aged 15 to 44 and in 2019 there was a significant increase in suicide related deaths Australia wide. Suicide is the third leading cause of premature death and has the third highest rate of years of life lost for all conditions.

A sustained effort to suicide prevention and postvention (activities and programs to support people bereaved by suicide) is required to reduce its incidence.

The aim of the proposed Suicide Prevention Bill 2020 is to:

  • deliver a sustained whole of community and government focus on suicide prevention to reduce the rate of suicide in South Australia; and
  • better monitor outcomes and develop policies and programs that further reduce incidence.  

The issue of suicide is complex, rarely resulting from a single cause. Understanding the problems helps us understand the solution.

Get involved and help us address this important issue.

Need help or support?

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, or you have been impacted by suicide, please seek help through your General Practitioner or by contacting the following support services:

If you are bereaved by suicide:

  • Standby Response Adelaide South: 0437 752 458
  • Standby Response Adelaide North:  0438 728 644
  • Living Beyond Suicide Country South Australia: 1300 761 193
  • Bereaved through Suicide: 0488 440 287
  • MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm): 8377 0091

In an emergency call 000 (Triple Zero).

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