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Simplify Day 2016

The State Government will hold its annual red tape repeal day in 2017 focused on cutting unnecessary red tape and removing outdated and redundant legislation.

The first Simplify Day was held last year with the Premier leading work that successfully identified a broad range of reforms across our economy. This included reforms to fees, licences, permit, notification requirements and compliance that will make a real and lasting difference to the people and businesses affected.

The second ‘Simplify Day’ will be held in August 2017, with ideas for change being put forward by business and the community.

Tell us about specific rules and processes that are outdated, don't add value and make it more difficult to simply get on and grow the economy and create jobs.

What is being decided?

Over the next 30 days you have the opportunity to think about, talk over with family and friends and tell us the things that make it difficult to do business in South Australia.

Simplify Day is part of the government’s efforts to identify ways in which current legislative and regulatory requirements can be improved to create a more productive and efficient economy and society in South Australia.  Importantly, these reforms will not diminish laws that protect the community, the environment, consumers and uphold the integrity of commerce.

You can have your say by commenting in the following online discussions:

  • Duplication
    Tell us about processes or regulatory requirements that are duplicated or overlap. Are you getting frustrated dealing with more than one government agency on the same issue? Do you need approval for a project from more than one government agency?
  • Compliance
    Let us know what Government requirements are overly complex, onerous or time-consuming.  What obligations to government do you feel can be improved for your business?
  • Competitiveness
    Are there red tape issues facing your business that you have encountered in South Australia that do not exist in other States and Territories?  Are there changes that can be made which would attract national businesses to come to South Australia? 
  • Streamlining regulation
    Tell us about Government rules and practices that are outdated and/or unnecessary, do not add any value or adversely affect your business and its productivity.  

How can your input influence the decision?

The Government’s Economic Priority 7: South Australia – the best place to do business is all about improving the business environment in South Australia. In simple terms, outdated and unnecessary Government rules cost time and money, add little value and can be very frustrating.

The State Government has listened and understands that business and community members want to change our business rules for the better. To address this, we are getting rid of, in partnership with South Australians, obsolete, cumbersome and counterproductive rules and administrative procedures that hinder growth, investment and innovation in the South Australian economy. This is known as Simplify Day.

Simplify Day 2016 delivered reforms such as removing labels for heavy vehicles, enabling electronic licensing and exempting non-active business partners from needing building licenses. We also committed to a range of future considerations for the 2017 Simplify Day process. You can read about Simplify Day 2016, recent regulatory reforms and future reforms in the Simplify Day Report.

Simplify Day 2017 will build on the momentum from last year and add to these reforms. We want your views on business rules from things that make it hard to business in South Australia, ways of simplifying your obligations or ideas for streamlining government services.

How will your input be used?

We will take your comments and discuss them with industry and other interested groups to work out the best way forward. Ultimately Cabinet approval will be sought to amend or abolish laws which are counterproductive to business or redundant. The aim is to introduce legislation that cuts red tape in Parliament during August 2017.

We will let you know what has happened as a result of this initiative through a report published on the YourSAy website at the end of the process. This will indicate what was heard and what we plan to change as a result.

This process will also occur in combination with feedback we receive through YourSAy and consultation with industry sectors, Government agencies and relevant stakeholders. 

Want to know more?

Send your suggestions via

For more information you can visit the Simpler Regulation Unit on the Department of Treasury and Finance website:

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