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Provide your feedback on proposed Regulations governing the sharing of data between South Australian Government agencies.

What is being decided?

In December 2016 the South Australian Parliament passed the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Bill 2016, which sets out clear principles regarding the sharing of Government Data between different agencies.

The Bill sets out clear Trusted Access Principles that govern the provision of information – including whether there is an overriding public interest in sharing the data – to ensure agencies share data in a responsible manner.

The Bill’s objectives are to promote management and use of data as a public resource to support good government policy making and service delivery. The legislative changes break down the artificial walls that prevent the sharing of information. In addition, the amendments establish a new data analytics office to coordinate data storage, sharing and analysis.

Although the Bill provides significant safeguards to protect shared data, it is necessary to exclude certain data and certain agencies, for the purposes of the Bill, before the Bill is brought into operation. Please click here (PDF 175KB) to download a copy of the Bill.

Draft Regulations (PDF 42KB) have now been prepared to support the commencement of the Bill.

You are invited to comment on the draft Regulations, and specifically on the list of exempt data and exempt agencies set out in regulation 4 and regulation 5.

The Regulations exempt, for the purposes of the Bill, include certain:

  • data which contains personal information;
  • highly sensitive data, such as criminal intelligence and data that may impact on national security; and
  • agencies, such as the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback was taken into account in finalising the Bill which was introduced and passed by the South Australian Parliament (click through to the Government Sharing of Data engagement).

You are now invited to comment on the draft Regulations and specifically on the bodies and the data which will be made exempt for the purposes of the Bill. Your feedback will help frame the final Regulations.

Get involved

We want to know which bodies and data you think should be made exempt for the purposes of the Bill. You can be involved in the conversation by:

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged via return email or post. Feedback will be presented to the Office of Parliamentary Counsel to finalise the Regulations that will be provided to the Minister for the Public Sector for consideration.

Comments and submissions will be accepted until 5.00pm Tuesday, 11 April 2017.

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