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Have your say on SA Health’s draft strategic framework, aimed at supporting health and medical research in South Australia.

What is being decided?

SA Health recognises the important role of health and medical research in driving advances in health care delivery, policy and decision making and delivering significant benefits to the broader community.

South Australia is investing strongly in the Health and Biomedical Precinct in the West End of Adelaide, built on a strong partnership between the South Australian Government, the South Australian universities, SAHMRI and the private sector. It is imperative, therefore, that SA Health is able to identify the value proposition of health and medical research, and to establish appropriate strategic priorities that can inform further activity to foster a strong and innovative health and medical research sector in South Australia.

The draft Research Focus 2020 document (PDF 135KB) has been developed following extensive consultation with the South Australian health and medical research sector. Now we want to hear your feedback on the draft document.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback will help determine what's including the SA Health's strategic framework, aimed at supporting health and medical research in South Australia. We want to know your views on the following:

To what extent should SA health prioritise:

  • basic and biomedical research? (e.g. laboratory based research)
  • clinical research? (e.g. research into treatments or interventions)
  • population health research?  (e.g. population-based studies)
  • health systems and services research? (e.g. research into the effectiveness of health services)

What feedback do you have on the following goals, e.g. is it an important goal, and why?

  • Streamline and standardise research ethics and governance requirements.
  • Support timely access to SA Health data.
  • Build research capacity across SA Health.
  • Exploit the competitive potential of SA as a centre for health and medical research. 
  • Support staff to use research evidence to inform their work.
  • Support the translation of research outcomes.
  • Ensure SA public health system research is aligned with SA Health and SA Government objectives.
  • Improve partnerships with research organisations.
  • Provide guidance and support for researchers.
  • Develop systems for effective knowledge management and reporting on research activity.

Do you agree with the proposed reporting:

  • Number of health and medical projects undertaken across SA Health by specialty/discipline.
  • High-impact publications derived from research undertaken across SA Health.
  • Approval timeframes for SA public health sector research ethics and governance applications.
  • Research funding won by SA Health researchers and distribution of funding.
  • Clinical trial activity across SA Health hospitals, including numbers of new clinical trials commenced.
  • Clinical trial participation rates across SA Health.
  • Significant outcomes of research, including successful translation of research into clinical service delivery, health policy and health systems management as well as commercialisation of intellectual property by SA Health researchers.

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The draft Research Focus 2020 document is open for consultation until Friday 19 May 2017. The final Research Focus 2020 document is expected to be released in mid-2017.

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Fri, 19 May 2017 at 5:00 PM

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