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We are seeking your feedback on ways we can further strengthen protection of children against vaccine preventable diseases.

What is being decided?

The State Government is committed to protecting children and believes that South Australia should have the best childhood immunisation rates possible, leading the nation. 

We have developed an Early Childhood Services and Immunisation Discussion Paper which proposes a range of options that would require, with rare exception, children in South Australia to be up-to-date with immunisations (or on an approved catch-up program) as a condition of enrolment and potentially attendance at early childhood services (early childhood services include non-compulsory services such as childcare, kindergarten and early learning centres).

The Discussion Paper outlines the related public health issues, provides background information and investigates the experience of other Australian states. It goes into detail about each proposal and the anticipated impacts to the early education and care industry, families and children.

Given concerns about potential non-health detrimental impacts on children through exclusion, the Discussion Paper draws on input received and assessments of the impact of interstate legislation.

Get involved

Have your say on the Early Childhood Services and Immunisation discussion paper.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your feedback will assist us to identify issues of concern and to develop any additional options or proposals for reform not already identified. This information will assist in the development of future legislation.

How will your input be used?

Once the consultation process concludes, the submissions received will be included in an analysis of the impacts of the various options and proposals. Based on that analysis, recommendations will be made as to the preferred option and proposals to be implemented, to achieve the desired public health outcomes.


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CLOSING DATE: Early Childhood Services and Immunisation


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