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We want your feedback on legislative changes that will enable the modern and efficient regulation of explosives in South Australia.

What’s being decided?

We have drafted the Explosives Bill 2021 (draft Bill) to replace the current Explosives Act 1936 (the Act) and its associated regulations.

The Act’s purpose is to regulate the handling and access to explosives to protect public health and safety, property and the environment.

Since the Act’s start in 1936, there have been limited updates only. The Act currently doesn't reflect best practice and advances in technology that have significantly improved safety in the industry.

The draft Bill is designed to enable:

  • a greater focus on safety and security
  • a consistent and streamlined authorisation process
  • a consistent and streamlined licencing framework
  • clearer mutual recognition
  • a nationally agreed definition of explosives
  • consistency with other states and territories 
  • a reduction in the complexity and volume of regulations associated with the explosives legislation in South Australia.

The Bill aims to appropriately balance the promotion of business interests while continuing to maintain the safety and security of the South Australian public. 

The Bill summary section will help you understand the key pieces of information about the Bill.

We are looking for your input to further inform the development of the draft Bill.

Get involved

Read the draft Explosives Bill 2021Bill summary and consider the Key Questions.

To have your say:

We will make public any feedback received and how this has contributed to changes to the Bill. If you wish to maintain confidentiality, let us know when providing your feedback.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input and feedback will help to inform further development of the draft Bill before it is introduced to Parliament later this year.

What are the next steps?

Once finalised, the Bill will be introduced to Parliament later this year.

SafeWork SA will publish a summary report with the feedback received during the consultation and how this has contributed to changes to the Bill.

The supporting regulations will be developed once the Bill has successfully passed through Parliament and be made available for comments and feedback in a separate consultation process.

Contact details

For general inquiries, please email us at

Closing date: 5pm, Friday 14 May 2021


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