Shortlist options released

6 April 2021

Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin’s Coorong Infrastructure Investigations Project has released the shortlist of infrastructure and management options that will be investigated to support long-term health of the Coorong, with a focus on the South Lagoon.

You may have been involved in our engagement process earlier this year where the community was asked for their input into which options they felt would best meet the needs of the Coorong, helping to restore its health. This was an extensive engagement process which involved both local residents, First Nations, various stakeholders and the broader South Australia community.

Following analysis of all the feedback gathered, the following 5 infrastructure options have been shortlisted and will now undergo a detailed feasibility assessment through 2021:

  • A connection between the Coorong South Lagoon and Southern Ocean
  • Coorong Lagoon dredging to improve connectivity
  • Lake Albert to Coorong Connector
  • Further augmentation of South East Flows to the Coorong
  • Additional automated barrage gates.

Feasibility investigations will include extensive ecological response modelling, engineering feasibility investigations and ongoing community, landowner and First Nations consultations.

At this stage, this is an investigation into feasibility, not a decision to proceed with any of these concepts. Further community consultation will be required on any options deemed to be feasible before such a decision would be made.
Detailed information on the shortlisted options and the consultation outcomes is on the Department of Environment and Water website.  

Information on how you can get involved in the next phase of this process will be made available on the above website and through future updates.

If you have any questions please contact